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Port of Raleigh

Raw Gold Nugget Necklace - Small


For all our design sensibility there is something perfectly imperfect about nature's work. Mined in Alaska and turned into jewelry by a goldsmith in Los Angeles, each necklace and pair of earrings is truly one of a kind.

The collection name, Prospect, is meant to honor the idea of things to come and the endless possibilities within our lives. Gold is an element; it cannot be corroded or corrupted no matter how hard it is pushed, pulled, or exposed. It is raw, pure, flawed and flawless and all the same, beautiful. Just like us. Perfectly one-of-a-kind.  

  • Pure, raw, gold from Alaska
  • 16" total length
  • 14k gold filled chain
  • Designed by Ana Maria Muñoz

Because each gold piece is unique, earrings shipped may look different than the ones pictured. Please contact us with any questions.