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The Store

We are a modern home & lifestyle store where everyday objects are celebrated for their function, simplicity, intrigue, and inherent artfulness. 

The things we behold and use should be enjoyable and thoughtful, that's why we work with well-known, independent, and emerging designers and studios from around the world to create a unique collection of contemporary yet timeless furniture, furnishings, and personal goods for you and your home. These designers may look to the past for inspiration but they wholly participate in shaping our future ... one object and design at a time. That's exciting!

We are proud to be the first store to introduce many of these designs in North Carolina, regionally in the Southeast USA, and in some cases in all of the USA.


The Spot

We opened our doors in Downtown Raleigh on December 2015. We sit nextdoor to the critically acclaimed Poole's Diner and are one block north of the Raleigh Convention Center and Red Hat Ampitheater. Because of our unique location, we're lucky to meet people from all over the world, visiting Raleigh for work or leisure, as well as meet and make local friends. Pop-in when you're in the neighborhood!


The Story

Port of Raleigh's owner, Ana Maria Muñoz loves the form and function of timeless and modern design. When she and her husband moved to Raleigh in 2014 to start their family, she saw an opportunity to share her passion for everyday design-driven goods.

Born in Australia to Colombian parents, and raised in Los Angeles, Ana Maria's cultural and design influences are diverse and many. Time spent living in London and Kuala Lumpur - and extensive subsequent travels - expanded her sensibilities to borderline obsession with modern design as function and everyday enhancement. 

"I would walk into design and modern home furnishing stores and think 'I’ve never seen anything like that before' or 'that’s clever/practical/artful/useful/beautiful.'" That's the kind of space and experience I wanted to create in Raleigh."

After calling many different places home, Ana Maria is evermore passionate about the home being a special place with special things in it, even the most mundane of them. She believes that through good, simple design, these things we live with and use daily can be useful and artful, purposeful yet clever, and perhaps most important, refreshingly modern yet timeless. 


Learn more about Port of Raleigh and Ana Maria here , herehereand here.