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When I think of the word “refresh” I think of a new feeling … a new intention that leads to a new experience. At Port of Raleigh, we’re all about how we experience our homes and our everyday lives via the objects we surround ourselves with. These objects can either bring us frustration, indifference, or joy. We choose joy.

This Spring, we want to challenge our community (yes you, we love you!) to think about the objects you live with and consider what single refresh you could make to bring more joy into your everyday.

Is it a new cushion for the sofa where you watch your favorite shows? A new vase for those spring flowers? A new kitchen accessory for cooking your favorite meals? A new dustpan for keeping your floors clean? Yes, a dustpan ... design matters, even in the most mundane objects.

I wholeheartedly believe that when you choose quality and good design, you automatically choose joy. And over time, those small incremental interactions with seemingly small things, bring higher levels of satisfaction to your everyday life.

You don't need a huge overhaul or budget to make a difference. Simply start with one space, and one to three items, and you'll experience the small but powerful transformation almost instantly. 

Here are some ideas for starting your refresh with intention ...



 Wire Bowl ($44.95)  •  REBIN Recycling Bin ($48)  •  Thick Kitchen Towel ($15)  






Stir Stool/Side Table ($229)  •  Tier Coffee Table/Media Console ($500)  •  Quilt Cushion ($99)






Carmen White Ash Wall Hook ($19)  •  JWDA Concrete Lamp ($199.95)  •  Simple Linen Bedding (starting at $98)





Wood Trash Can ($22)  •  Yoshii Hand & Bath Towel ($24 & $61)  •  Toilet Paper Roll Holder ($54)




 Cody Desktop Organizer ($39)  •  Ito Bindery Drawing Pad (starting at $20)  •  Cup Lamp with USB Port ($180)







Recharge Candle ($39) • Wall Clock ($120) • Gather Vases ($20 - $30)




See more Spring Refresh selects here. 

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