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First Friday Artist: Jordan Dale Young

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Pareidolia Solo Show by Jordan Dale Young
First Friday  |  August 5, 2016  |  6pm - 9pm

Colors, shapes, cool vibes - this new series by digital artist Jordan Dale Young has me crazy excited. Come see why during this month's First Friday and meet the man behind the figures. Young's show will be on view and available for purchase through October 2.

About the artist:

Jordan Dale Young is a digital artist from the Midwest, living in Raleigh, NC. In addition to being an artist, he is also a graphic designer and web developer. Drawing from these disciplines, the mental processes behind minimalism, language, and measurement combine to inform his geometric illustrative style. He abstracts organic subjects, revealing their simple shapes and colors. No matter the complexity of any image, it can always be broken down into those simple elements.
@jordandaleyoung (Instagram)

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